The Story So Far

Posted by Kaitlin Lester on

Pure Light Crystals is the manifestation of my love for crystals and passion for spreading light. It all started as a simple fascination with crystals after going through a spiritual awakening in 2017 and personally experiencing the beautiful healing vibrations crystals emit and the way they can light up your life & home. I knew I had to create a space to share them with the world. 

Pure Light Crystals has been created with the hope and intention to share these divine spirits and bring magic to your life. Every crystal has been carefully hand selected based on both their physical aesthetic & vibrational qualities. However I completely respect and understand that all crystals will feel different to all people - your inner voice and intuition will guide you to the crystal that is right for you at this time. Certain crystals will call to you, stand out, and shine brighter than others - listen to this and understand that this is your soul speaking and connecting with the crystal spirit.

All crystals are lovingly cleansed with either White Sage, Palo Santo, Sound Baths, or the Full Moon but of course you are welcome to cleanse your crystals again once they reach their new home. I would be so honoured to connect you with your perfect crystal - whether it is for a specific use or intention, to display in your home or office, as a gift, or simply to enjoy the beauty of what nature has created.


Love & Light